How we produce

From the very first day we choose our factories ourselves. We were looking for specialist and dedicated partners. We knew it would be difficult to get the right partners on board. Never the less we travelled a lot in the Shanghai, South China and Hangzhou area and found the partners who are willing to build up this brand with us. After a few years of growth all factories are happy and the teams in China and Germany work very close together. We have established fantastic partnerships with factories that understand our mission at NOWADAYS.  


Due to the fact that we all know various standards we are of the opinion that our standard is very simple. We know the people, the place and the owner. We travel twice a year ourselves to the factories and our local team is 10 times a year in the factories. That makes sure we have only the best quality and the best standards for the works in the factories.  

The Shirt Factory.

The Jersey Factory.

The Jacket Factory.